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Skipped a week, whoops…

I can’t believe it. I missed a weekly post before I hit my 1 year anniversary. It isn’t like I’m not human and I don’t make mistakes. It’s more I’m not your normal blogger I don’t write out my content in advance (I should). I did however finish jumping through all of the hoops there were to satisfy my mortgage underwriter. I can only imagine how fun it is to be the closest thing to a puppeteer in this day and age. I mean short of actually being a puppeteer. Regardless I’m happily moved in to my new abode with my beautiful family, albeit exhausted lately…Huzzah!

This is a wonderful moment for me to let you in on a little known secret. It’s probably not as little known as I think.

Never Miss Twice

Three simple words that can really ramp up your momentum in anything that you “want” to do. I have spent many years thinking and over planning and stressing about what I need to do before I try to offer my services to the public. In fact I still do.

Some of the best advice I’ve run across in my years is:

Stop overthinking and over planning.

So why do we? I can only think that we are full of self-doubt and in all honesty I’ll admit that I don’t think that my skills are up to par. But this is where we have to make the decision to overcome those thoughts because I just read today (from Sean @seanwes on social platforms) that we don’t get to choose whether or not we are good enough, the people who choose to hire us are the ones in control of our fate. So the next time that you are thinking you’re not good enough. Stomp them thoughts right out of existence and keep creating or doing whatever it is that you want to do.

Sure there are countless other really good pieces of advice but I want to talk from experience. I want you to accomplish your goals however big or small they may be. Never think that accomplishing a goal should feel anything less then amazing. If it doesn’t shoot for a bigger goal.

I am happy to report if you want to take action towards a goal. Please just START taking the necessary action. You will get caught up in so much of the if I just watch one more tut, or if I buy so and so’s procreate brush pack, or if you finally get that artist grade 100% cotton epically cold pressed watercolor paper that costs an arm and a leg that you’ll finally get the results that you want. The unfortunate and harsh reality is that you probably wont.

If any advice can be given it is the simplest of all.


Do that hard thing you don’t want to do today.

I will get to finish setting up my desk within the next few days and should be back to the normal practice and watercolor next week. For now I’m still using my IPad to crank out some calligraphy drills and participate in Merriam-Websters 30 Day Word Challenge. Check out my IG stories to see what I’m talking about. If you miss them I’ll make a featured story out of it when it has concluded.

Leave me a comment or send me a DM on Instagram if you want to connect. We’re all going through things and some are more harshly affected by this pandemic than others. But never think that reaching out to a stranger has to be awkward. Worst case let me know if I can write anything for you. Lots to do in a new house so forgive my short posts. Until next week — Happy Practicing!

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