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Goodbye old friend

It isn’t like I’ll never see you again in fact I’ll probably end up down the road to see you for a while as I get used to driving to another home. As the fourth month of the new decade comes to an end so must the relationship I had with my old home.

I haven’t had a lot of time lately so practice was done this week not according to my usual schedule, or even using practice book #2. Instead I decided to practice whole arm movement which means no contact with your ring and pinkie fingers to the page as usual. Only glide on the page lightly with the tip of the pen or pencil.

Practicing like this helps you to build muscle memory and if you take the time to crank out a page like this before you start writing something or even your usual practice it helps to steady your hand. I simply don’t make leaps and bounds of progress because I don’t do these drills enough. If you are misfortunate enough to have an abundance of time on your hands due to the pandemic but find yourself learning calligraphy of any kind, I highly suggest doing drills of some sort 10-15 minutes before tackling a project. It gets you loosened up and your muscles primed for the job.

Hopefully next week I will be writing about my new abode. More than likely it’ll be another week of iPad practice. If I’m not exhausted flat out from moving. Until then I’m cutting it short; Happy practicing!

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