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Practice this week left me thinking about three things.

1. How sad it is to know that Modern Family ended.

2. How I really want a decent camera so I can take better moon photos.

3. And how I will not likely be the minuscule c’s friend anytime soon. That little bowl at the top keeps throwing me through a loop.

The little bowl at the top of the letter c I believe is called a lower turn and from the looks of it I can not seem to be able to keep it tight enough to look right. It is quite difficult but I know everything worth doing is.

In critiquing my own handwriting exemplars I’d say that I need to practice with a .03 mm lead pencil instead of a .07 mm. Of course I could always practice with my dip pen like I should be, but I want to be able to reuse these books after I go through them all once.

Halfway through the second book I’m met with the encouraging words Pupils should form the habit of constantly criticizing their writing. This isn’t the first time it’s been stated, just like to remind myself to look for my imperfections and try to correct them as I move forward in the books. From my own experience I’d suggest making sure the lower turn on your c’s is quick and short, your a’s are pointed ovals not completely rounded and the overturns on your m humps are equal. I seem to have a small variation in each mostly because I’m following the books suggestion that each word or set of chained letters should be completed without lifting the pen from the page starting at the bottom left and ending on the upper right. CONTINUOUS MOTION is the key to uniformity and building that muscle memory. Until next week Happy Practicing.

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