More work?

Don’t think of it as work, think of the thing you are doing as skill building. That is exactly what it is don’t discredit your hard work. Doing that hard thing you don’t want to do today is much, so very much harder than sitting around and consuming content.

Whether or not it is something you are compelled to do once, a few times a week, or if your ambitious enough, daily, is entirely up to you. Most of the people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years usually end up dreading work. I mean realistically who likes to give away their precious time for such petty compensation? If only the world didn’t revolve around money, but let’s not travel down that road.

So for starters do yourself a favor and don’t refer to it as work, switch up your mindset and remind yourself that you are building a skill. Go up another level and as per last week’s post remind yourself of your why. If you began for a reason, that reason will give you the drive you need to make you feel compelled to continue. If not then you should probably re-think what you are doing and why.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes you are tired, things like life get in the way, or for some reason you just are in a slump. That’s okay, just make sure to pump your deflated self back up and continue on. Which brings me to this week’s practice.

more work in post.jpg

This week I hit the books and practiced the first three principles (1, 2, & 3¬†links for reference) with the minuscule letter m. Fairly simple to execute once you have them down and if you don’t, then practice will make perfect. I still haven’t fully adopted whipping out a sheet of practice before I start practicing as sometimes I simply don’t have the time. But I feel that it is no less practice for my muscle memory, and overall skill building. I mean any practice is good practice right? Not much else to it, one of these days I’m sure that I will feel ambitious enough to tackle each practice page in one sitting instead of breaking it up into 2-4 days. For now I’ll focus on getting through all of the books and then hit them again, by then I’m sure each page will be done in one sitting.

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