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Accepting a challenge for self motivation

What drives you to accomplish a goal? Speaking from a perspective of an office dweller it definitely seems to be a team effort. Having the team hold you accountable for something is motivation enough to complete the goal. I guess this could make or break whether or not you got to keep your job and salary too…But I’d say it is a two part experience, part one is finding and staying motivated enough to accomplish the goal in the first place and the second is the accountability or repercussion of not accomplishing the goal.

Looking at it this way might be rather obvious, but how does it affect your mindset when actually accomplishing our own goals? I am as guilty as it gets for starting something and blowing it off only because it was a goal I set and no one is going to be disappointed if I don’t actually finish. So my mindset is meh…no one is going to mind if I don’t work on this for a day or two. But then something interesting happens, so much goes on in our everyday life we start to forget about doing it at all. So who gets you back on track? Where do you find the motivation to continue?

In my experience I have a loving and wonderful wife (yep totally putting this statement in here just in case she reads this) and she has always been there to help me get back on my horse. We drive each other in ways seemingly that others can’t and I consider her a valuable part of my one person team. So what to do if you don’t have my wife supporting you? Well find yourself an accountability partner and agree to a set an end date for your latest project or one that you’ve been working towards for too long and not getting anywhere because of your procrastination demons.

Being realistic, if you haven’t finished something you’ve been meaning to do for over a year perhaps you should re-evaluate the goal or task and see if you really want to finish it. It’s kinda like finding something in the garage or attic that you haven’t seen in a year, did you really miss or need it? If the answer is no then donate it or toss it away and move on with one less piece of clutter hanging around. Treat your goals the same way, if they aren’t being actively worked on is it really something that you need to get done or can you go the rest of your life without checking it off the to do list?

Circling back to the title, I highly encourage you to set a small totally doable goal for yourself with a reasonable yet not so distant end date. Next find someone who you are in good standing with and ask them if they would do the same, make a small totally doable goal for themselves with a reasonable yet not so distant end date. Preferably the same or similar end date would be ideal. Check in once or twice a week to make sure that the both of you are steadily inching towards the goal and if one of you stumbles along the way, then the other will hold them accountable and help them get back on track. Pretty simple concept and easily executable, like Kimmy Schmidt — You can handle anything for ten seconds, then you can start on a new ten seconds. I believe in you.

I’m going to put it here in writing and you my dear reader will be my accountability partner. Or more or less I’m setting a goal I want to accomplish and by golly if I miss a day I hope one of you will chime in and let me know I need to step it up. I am challenging myself to run one to two miles per day for an entire month no rest days. I’ve heard it called streaking which is an entertaining thought of running the few miles naked, I wonder how liberating that would feel or if you would move so much faster in thinking you are vulnerable and nude? Ha-ha…I’ll be posting my run every morning for the next 30 days starting tomorrow 8/7/20 in my stories on instagram and posting a weekly run photo on my blog post starting with next week’s post. Wish me luck and if you’d like to join in on my 30 days of insert your challenge here chime in in the comments or send me a message on IG and I’ll check in with you once or twice a week until 9/5/20 which is our official goal end date. Do something. Everyday. That helps you get closer to your goal.

Because I know you follow me to witness my journey through Spencerian script. And not my random thoughts about how to live a better life. This weeks practice had me writing the Tongan city of Utui. Correct me if it’s not a city the Google didn’t have too much to say about it. And looking at a map it is a sparsely populated part of the island of Tonga.

Amazingly we’re still practicing the heckle and jeckle out of the first few Spencerian principles. Even more amazing yet, only the first two the 52º main slant and the right curve are used to make this word. Carefully analyze your movements the t is two spaces high and follows the main slant third of the way up put the crossbar on the t in a straight hairline fashion. I do like to make me some flourishy fun crossbars for my minuscule t’s so this straight line was quite the test of my will. I think the most fun was analyzing the number 8 for this one it has such a fun shape. If you ever have any questions ask away I used to break this down a whole lot more but it doesn’t seem to be a very entertaining read. Feedback is always appreciated please keep your criticisms to yourself but feel free to positively offer constructive criticism. Thanks for reading and until next week, set a goal and happy practicing.

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