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As the movement of a hummingbird. Precise, nimble, perfectly calculated. At least that is what I go for while practicing my calligraphy.

Some days are better than others. Last night I finally got to sit at my desk and start back up with my traditional tools. However I couldn’t help but of course be so tired I started on the wrong line. I can’t stress it enough, we are all human and make mistakes so make them, learn from them, and move on.

It felt so nice to toss on some lo-fi beats and lose myself to the meditative rhythm of pencil on paper. Nimble fingers dancing along, helping to melt the worries of the world and make beautiful little letters on the page. This is what loving your work feels like. It doesn’t feel like work at all, it inspires you to continue until you are finished. It makes you smile while you do it. It calls to you when you haven’t done it in a long time. Like second nature.

If you don’t feel this way doing something in life, I urge you to try to do something new. Paint, write, do, or make something. What pulls you towards it like the waves to the shore? Find that thing and don’t stop until you do. You’ll know it when you find it, it is unmistakable the feeling is really terrifically invigorating. You have to do something that makes you smile and fulfills your human need to do. Especially when the world needs your bright shining smile to help light it up.

Smiling is like laughter it is contagious. I hate the fact people I interact with on a day to day can’t see I’m smiling because of my mask. I really need to get around to making one that says “no really I’m smiling”…regardless on to this weeks practice.

The practice pictured above is…yep you guessed it comprised of those simple three little Spencerian principles. The main slant, the right and left curves.

I’ll say this, practicing on the iPad and practicing using traditional pen and paper are two very different monsters. I really do prefer the traditional method to the iPad. Then again I may just need more practice. This weekend is when I’ll get my inks and paints set back up. So keep an eye on my IG account for my terribly late but much needed continuation of my alphabet of flowers!

Until next week, stay safe, positive and Happy Practicing.

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