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This week has produced great results, I am getting more comfortable with the new hold for the pencil. The line work is still quite like an infant learning how to walk, yet much progress has been made. Everyday I practice keeps building muscle memory and this positive habit.

progress in text

Overall I am quite pleased at the rate I’m improving, even though I know it doesn’t look like much.

I didn’t want to erase the lines I had already made this time. It took so very much time to erase the first page in the lesson book. So it’s mostly because I’m lazy but also so I could see how off I was from my usual hold of the pencil. I have to say some were spot on but most of them not quite, like the aforementioned infant learning how to walk.

If you end up reading this leave me a comment about the positive habit you have built or are wanting to build. If you don’t want to leave a comment send me a DM on the Instagram.

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