Deum, not that I’m in to hymns.

I recently have been thinking about how much I’ve let myself become affected by what surrounds me and how little I noticed until one day I took a look in the mirror and was brought to the stark realization I had changed significantly.

I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way, especially as this year has changed everyone I know, in ways that we may or may not immediately be acknowledging. I have been on a positivity kick and it has been heavily influenced by my brother and luckily enough co-worker. He has always been a fountain of positivity and not much can dim the flame of eternal joy he proudly displays each day. I have been practicing the ever difficult task of choosing happiness each day. I can already see how much better things are now when I choose to look at the proverbial silver lining of each “problematic” cloud. It would seem as easy as dropping and moving past a “problem” or something that would otherwise ruin your day.

We all know how it feels when something in our life goes awry in a bad way, so why would we not want to offer comfort and kindness in someone else’s time of need.

One of the most selfless acts of kindness I’ve been leaning into to help spread joy is More Love Letters. All it takes is a moment of your time to write and mail a letter that can help to spread joy and kindness to those who are having a their life go awry in a bad way. If you have ever had anything bad happen in your life then you may know what some of these folks are experiencing. So why not aid in comforting a stranger especially during this holiday season?

I hope that you are well and your family safe and happy. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and I wish you joy and prosperity in the months ahead.

My first name is Douglas and I would like to humbly admit that I don’t like this majuscule D haha. Deum is a lord praising hymn if you’re in to that sort of thing keep rockin’ on. I want to blame the majuscule d for my being so shaky but I know it is really just my lack of practice and I’ll even admit I haven’t been the best at doing my drills lately, but I have nearly wrapped up my coursework for my workshop. Wish me luck in landing some prospective clients soon for selling my art.

I hope that looking back at a year that turned us all on our heads you have found something new that you are working towards. Just a lil’ nudge in the direction to do that hard thing you don’t want to do today. Remember even if you do something only once a week it will start to compound and sooner rather than never you’ll have a new skill or body or positive mindset.

Stay safe, sane, positive and until next week happy practicing!

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