Getting a hold of the new grip…(heh)


I’ve taken a different approach to practice this week. I motivated myself enough to erase half of the previously filled in practice book. Thought it would be nice to see how my handwriting has improved, if at all, without the old “guides” that I’ve been too lazy to erase. Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day?

getting a grip in post

You can see without my hand anchored my line-work is less stable and quite shaky. I have noticed it’s hit and miss but towards the end of practice my hand does get steadier, not nearly perfect, but an improvement nevertheless.

It is coming along nicely. I wasn’t happy with my wrist the first few sessions and I figured out why progress wasn’t going so well, it’s because I was still reverting back to anchoring my hand. Instead I am supposed to glide ever so elegantly across the page or desk on the ring and pinkie finger nails. I know I wrote about thisĀ three weeks ago however I am writing it again here to remind myself. Moving forward, referencing theĀ New Spencerian Compendium pg. 37 (I hope IAMPETH doesn’t get offended I’ve linked to their resources here) how to properly holding the writing instrument and keeping it fresh in mind to hold said instrument loosely instead of death gripping it continues to make this learning experience all the more pleasurable.

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