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Forward Thinking

Working on “iw” this week which utilized the first and second Spencerian principles. Sometimes I can’t believe that the letters of the alphabet are all simply a combination of the seven principles of Spencerian hand. I’ll go over these in the next few posts or most likely just one breakdown of what they are and how simple they are to execute (with practice of course).

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The shaking is real as real as a bumble ball from the 90s. I need to incorporate more handwriting drills into my practice session. This will eliminate the shaky hand problem that I was experiencing the last few weeks. In the last post I wrote that my line-work became more steady the longer I was practicing. I’ve also found that doing calligraphy drills or warm-ups before starting one of my quotes or other calligraphy related projects or practice sessions steady’s the hand significantly. I have been forgoing these drills while I practice as I think to myself “I’m already practicing why would I want to do drills before practice?” This next week I’m going to split my practice sessions into two larger practice sessions (instead of three or four smaller ones as per the norm) one without doing a page of warm-up drills and the other after exercising them. The other days of the week I will be practicing the drills to show the proof is in the practice.

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