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Chuggin’ ihnhi-long

I am as nervous and anxious as ever to see where this course takes me. I’ve already done more work and accomplished more towards my personal goals, than I had all year and I’m only 6 weeks in to my 12 week workshop! A huge shout out to Lisa at she has inspired and continues to push me to be and give my best.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken a course and been disappointed at the result, the workshop I’m currently enrolled in is in no way filled with any of that disappointment. It is real world, real person guided greatness and the best part is it is so hands on you have no choice but to learn as you go. Well I guess you could let yourself down and choose not to do any of the work.

I know I have taken too many online free tips, downloaded too many guides filled with a common sense tip and a link to buy something from someone and those ugly little small online courses that don’t do a good job at leaving you confident or with any of the real skills you intended to learn when you started. This is a very hands on workshop so it is much better as it commands more of your attention and keeps you from wasting any of your spare moments.

So in the spirit of me not wasting a moment I could be using to work on my homework for the week I’ll keep this post short.

Oh, no…It happened to me again! No real words. Well…Iknku is a surname and ihnhi is the name of an artist. But, I’m familiar with neither. I do like art and surnames, I however do not like this minuscule k. Oh my, have I never seen such a weird or attempted to write such a strange character. I feel the minuscule k is just as difficult as learning to tie your shoes. I just need to practice it more, or create my own replacement. To this point I have replaced it in my handwriting of notes and other practice. Looks like the minuscule letter c and the number 5 are getting a new friend that I don’t like.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week, you thanked a veteran for their service or if you are one; thank you. Until next week Happy Practicing!

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