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Book 3 uuuu…wwwi

Let me start by saying woah! As I page thorough this third book, it is blowing my mind. I always thought that the practice each week was readying me to write some awesome things. So it appears practice up to this point has all been done at an enlarged (like a cereal box photo for texture) scale for practice purposes. The size of the x-height I am going to end up writing moving forward is much smaller like an 1/8th or 1/16th of an inch! This is really exciting as I love small text. Furthermore it makes writing so much quicker, which if you look at the history of this script it is the intention. So lets keep working at speeding up and keeping good form.

I don’t care as much about continuing to practice the first three principles, but turning the pages I can see the introduction of more practical applications and can’t wait to get deeper into this third practice book. Cheers to blowing through the next few weeks practice.

I can see I still struggle with proper spacing but for the most part I am pretty happy with my results. Once I fix the spacing issues (which do I really want to? I like to think that I write things by hand so they look handwritten right?) and stop trying to shade the downstrokes so much I’ll be happy with my progress.

I know, a little light on words this week but you know sometimes you have a lot to say and sometimes you don’t. In this ever changing world we live in I wish you and yours are safe, sane and positive. Until next week happy practicing!

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  1. Cat-O-LanternGames

    That’s awesome mate! I am super stoked for you, keep up the great work! I admire how committed you have been to this!

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