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Mere moments in time

Time. It’s all we have and all we are. I’ll let you reflect on that for a moment.

As I finish up the last page of the second book of learning practical penmanship and Spencerian handwriting. I have the awesome ability to flip through the pages and see some days were better than others, how I have lessened the amount of shake in my hand, how much I’ve improved and how much more fun I’ve had. This in addition to improving my handwriting overall. I know you might say something like “doing something on repeat cant be that much fun”. Well if you do anything in your life on repeat and enjoy it then you know what I’m talking about, if not I highly encourage you to try something new.

Don’t let the thought of starting discourage you or the thought of failing keep you from pushing through. Time is a precious commodity and some have been blessed with more of it to themselves this year, I find that bridging a divide after a period of time seems to strengthen the bond especially with loved ones. So fear not, find something to distract yourself or learn a new skill to pass the time. Don’t settle for someone else’s good time, go out, or rather stay in but have the good time yourself. We all can attest to the fact that watching something isn’t the same as experiencing it in person.

I couldn’t help myself and decided to look ahead to the next book which I am happy to say has less of the random three letter words for practice and more practical things to write. It does go over some much needed review on the first few pages, but it has something I’m rather interested to try out. I’ll share more about this with next weeks post and practice.

Super excited to start book three! I think I have the first three principles down now I’d like more practice with the other four. I’m also really stoked and reinvigorated by the cooler “fall” temperatures (it’s now in the low hundreds instead of the hundred and teens haha) combined with the upcoming Halloween holiday + Inktober I am excited to make more art. If you’ve been following along with my Instagram you already know that I’ve painted J in my alphabet of flowers. I have more on the way with the next two, K and L already sketched out and waiting for paint.

Practice this week was the word mere. Again really applying the first three principles to this word, including the awesome over under rollercoaster turn on the exit stroke of the m and going into the e. Overall I would say that these books are a great introduction to the Spencerian script and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into this themselves. Especially if you are waiting for me to get my stuff together and provide you with those updated drills sheets, apologies. Looks like I have some homework I need to prioritize for you my dear reader.

As always stay happy, safe, sane, humble and positive. Until next week happy practicing!

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