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Let us take it from the top

Practice makes perfect, but you already knew that. I’m want to remind myself of last week’s topic about making mistakes, mistakes are how we learn and grow. If you are making mistakes I want to congratulate you and thank you, heck thank yourself. However I can not help but ask myself, have you felt the need to backtrack for any reason?

Backtrack? I keep telling myself I should have a routine by now for learning my new hobby eg. pick a peaceful place free from interruptions, set aside the proper amount of time and turn your phone on airplane mode. I have done this in the past and have been consistent with it. But sometimes life happens and “you just have to go with the flow” I know that try as I might some days just do not afford me the necessary time to practice. And I just reassure myself that no one is perfect but nailing down a place that is both quiet and free from interruptions while I’m working may just be the thing that is keeping me from being consistent. Clearly this can be turned into its own topic so I digress…

Back to backtracking, I have found that if I take a few minutes after I have practiced to examine what I have created even though it looks like a Dr. Frankenstein project. I can really dig deep into what may have went wrong and where to improve the next time I sit down to practice or create. So I suppose my advice to myself and to you friend would be take a moment extra to examine what you have made and course correct before you get too far in. I feel that this will help me to eliminate backtracking altogether.

Pencil HoldI can now officially see why I named this blog “Learning my abc’s all over again. My wacky waving inflatable tube man lines are all over the place. Practice, practice practice.

Two weeks may not seem like a lot but it is time that I feel I wasted as I didn’t properly read all of the instructions and adhere to them. I try to remember that I will always be my own worst critic, but I have the opportunity to give myself a break and keep course correcting. So week one down again, g’night.

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