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Mew like the bird

You’d think growing up next to the beach my entire childhood I’d know what a seagull was right? Well in fact, fun fact, they are actually known as common gulls or get this mew gulls. Whaaat! Yeah more specifically and completely unrelated to calligraphy they are Laura canus (in latin) or common gulls.

Now that I have shared my newfound knowledge on the pesky laughing dive bombers of the beach, an update on week two of the 30 day running challenge! 14 days, 2 weeks in I’m still feeling great, I’m still motivated to get after the goal. I am also really getting some fun photos of the sun lately as there have been some raging fires in our neighboring state of California. Wishing any residents or readers with family in the area well. If only more people woke up around sunrise to enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. Apologies in advance for the mediocre photos below. Another fun fact, i do all of my own photography.

Speaking of beautiful things, I want to help you focus on yourself. You know the things that you say you want to do but don’t. I’m tired of you refusing to let yourself enjoy your life and we all seem to settle into our ways. The daily grind isn’t for getting us to the end of the week to enjoy our respite for two days and get back to being miserable. It’s making me think of loverboy’s “working for the weekend” We need to stop settling. If at this time you are thinking that I’m a loon then call me what you will. But there is something so satisfying in accomplishing something you’ve wanted to for as long as you can remember.

When was the last time you set out to do something for yourself that wasn’t a haircut or a slice of pie after dinner. These things are normal to me they aren’t extraordinary in any way mere niceties and not much else. I want you to ask yourself why you quit on your dream, or better yet who made you quit on your dream? Why aren’t there more people wanting to see you succeed? When did it become the norm for our friends, family or even our coworkers to pick on us because of an idea we had, that maybe we’d like to start a band or be a traveling photographer. (probably not the best examples, middle finger to you COVID) I digress, but I do believe in you and me, we can set out and accomplish something extraordinary when we set our minds to it. Do that hard thing you don’t want to do today. Because really we both know you do want to do it, you just lack the motivation.

This weeks practice was the word mew. Rather fun I have to say as in the beginning of this post you saw how much I learned about something I grew up next to. It’s like my whole bird knowing life has been a lie!

After completion I like to take a moment and reflect on what I’ve made. Maybe it’s the artist in me or the instructions on the top of the practice sheet, but I like to not only enjoy the process of practicing but I like to enjoy the finished piece too! I’ve noticed that the minuscule letter “w” is really the minuscule letters “i” and “v” kinda horribly and mad scientist like glued together so after reviewing the practice you can see that my “v” is a lot-a-bit wide, not as slim and thin as it should be executed. I also have this issue where it looks like I really want the m’s to have points like mountains. They should be nice and round but my brain thinks differently I guess. Short of writing the word men once (yes this is here so you go back and spend more time looking at the practice to see if you can spot it) I think practice this week went rather swimmingly.

Until next week, I encourage you to pursue a goal something you’ve been wanting to do but can’t seem to find the time to do it. Knock that shit off and start, you just need to take action any one step in any one direction. You can always walk in a different direction after you have started but you’ll never end up anywhere close to where you want to be if you don’t just MOVE. Oh and happy practicing.

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