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Crushing it

Another week has come and gone. There has been a slight increase in desk time this week. It always feels great to give my hobbies the necessary attention they deserve. I am happy to report that the Inktober prompt list has dropped this week too (if you were on the subscribed mailing list anyway) next week (first week of September for the rest of those whom are interested in participating). I wonder if I should put a separate spot here on the blog to highlight my Inktober contributions. What do you think, should I add a spot for my annual submissions? I’ll think it over should no one respond…Onward to the highlights of this week’s practice.

Crushing it in post

Still not perfect by any means but I do see the longer I sit and practice in one session the steadier my hand gets and the neater the line-work is. Which brings me ever closer to that master penman, ice in my veins, steady crisp and delicate, pro status line-work confidence.  I hope that you have started doing that hard thing you don’t want to do today, if so congratulations! If not what is stopping you?

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