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Oh, like the letter

Another week has come and gone, this time with a holiday. I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hear such horror stories about families getting all twisted up with each other. I simply cannot imagine what goes through a persons mind that they can’t swallow their pride for one day. I mean, Thanksgiving usually revolves around lunch or dinner and a football game. The thought of not being able to be a nice human for half or a quarter of a day is strange to me.

I had a wonderful time with my family, short of missing some of the familiar faces everything was fantastic. I’ll chock it up to those people being the not nice humans whom couldn’t suck it up for one afternoon. Their loss, the food was divine and everyone had a blast gathered around the pool table at grandmas. I even managed to get a 2 mile jog in that morning before the festivities began, I am however miffed that I couldn’t squeeze another 1.15 miles in cause I lost out on my turkey trot badge in the Nike run club app. Oh well, many more miles to log on other days.

oh, like the letter in post

This week’s practice brings us to the minuscule o. Rather simple to execute, start with Spencerian principle #3 the left curve to the top of the x-height, then back down to the baseline with another left curve 1/3 space to the right of your initial stroke rounding into Spencerian principle #2 the right curve back up to the x-height mirroring the curve of the 2nd stroke. I wish I could find an easier way to describe these it makes sense if you look at the photo above. You’ll want to try to avoid making it too round or not closing the o resulting in the minuscule letter u.

It always seems easier done than said, but we don’t build skills easily, they take time, practice and patience. Like they (whoever they are) say if everything was easy everyone would be doing it. Take your time, don’t forget to breathe and if you get frustrated, don’t get discouraged. Take a break, then come back determined to finish strong, regardless of the result it’s all in having fun. Happy practicing.

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