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Words actual words

It has finally happened! I have finally gotten to practice real, actual, genuine words!

I know it seems funny to say and I’m not saying I haven’t written anything in Spencerian. I did just have an anniversary so you know I put my skills to use there. Handwritten and handmade gifts for the win! It is also changing my handwriting ever so gradually the more I complete these books. I’m happy and sad all at the same time (as if my rollercoaster of emotions needed another loop-de-loop) and for this I can attest to, most of my handwriting is now in cursive and I do seem to be writing faster and with more fluidity! Pretty neat, but still a bit sad I mean I nearly spent 30 years writing the same way and now its changing. I guess even as we age we can keep learning and improving.

The fourth week of October keeps wearing me down with all of these extracurricular activities I’ve committed my self too. I do wish that I wasn’t so neglectful of others. I’ve noticed I have become so very well nestled into my hovel of creativity I’ve started to neglect my relationships. I can’t tell you how difficult it is to split time, I’m sure you can relate to how many things we have to juggle compared to the good ol’ days. If you are one of my friends and I’ve neglected you I’ll leave this on the table it’s a good ol’ family tradition of mine…the phone works both ways. Haha.

My latest Inktober submissions of which my favorite has to be a tie this week between days 19 dizzy and 21 sleep.

I really enjoyed dotting the page to death with dizzy and the effect was totally worth it.

And if I can toot my own horn I am amazed I whipped out this gardenia I’m in love with her and her sleep inducing wand. Did you know gardenias can actually help you sleep!? They have one of the best scents for a flower that I have run into too.

This is it, real words, actual words! Fine, you caught it minu isn’t a word but it is the majority of minu-s (you know you smiled seeing a minus symbol stuck in the word). I used to say that my favorite letter was the minuscule g. I had a way of making it with what I refer to as cursiveligraphy.

Sorry for the retro image.

It was my humble beginning into the world of pen and ink and it was my favorite letter to write. Now though I’m leaning towards the minuscule Spencerian x. I am too extravagant with my crossing of it but I love how it looks. I think after reviewing I could use some more practice with the minuscules n, m and w. I see the most inconsistencies with those three. Points where there should be nice curves and spacing issues to boot. The minuscule r is a bit too tall too and a little wide in some spots. But other than that I am pleased with my practice this week and can’t wait to continue forging sentences and creating these words for years to come.

A few random thoughts as I feel a need for an inspiring moment myself. A little pick me up if you will. I really used to be a skeptic about positivity but I feel it really helps your mind to shift your perspective and get into a really positive mindset. Especially before you do anything challenging or creative. Would you like to try it with me?

Take a deep breath or two, put a smile on and read this out loud (or in your head I’ll never know):

I’ve got this.
I will do my best.
I am not defined by my mistakes, but how I learn and grow from them.
I will encourage myself to push through, even if I don’t think I can.
I will aspire to inspire those around me.
I will not forget to smile.

Now add something positive for yourself, take another deep breath and end it with…

Today I’ve got this.

And until next week — Happy Practicing!

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