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E, c, r and s

Nothing like a software company for the last of the individual minuscule practice pages. Random fact ECRS is a retail POS provider. I’m not affiliated with them in any way shape or form but if you are looking for a full service POS for your business perhaps go check them out.

Next week I’ll be writing real genuine words! Oh the excitement is bursting from my mind and flowing into the world. Please watch your step, maybe bring an umbrella. With this post it marks the third week into October and it has me winding through the roads of the creative circuit, I hope I don’t take the chicane too fast and crash and burn. You know you are a racing fan if you know this term. Also if you’ve been, please continue wishing me luck.

Second week of my workshop has me opening my eyes to the great wide world of art and still doing much research. I know I’m kind of vague about this but I really want to make sure that getting into something ends up worth sharing my progress. Much of it being Inktober heavy still (I mean it is still October), which I am ever grateful for as I love participating.

So far, I’m still in love with day 2 my wisp submission, that spider has some handsome features. If i had to pick a favorite from the above…I’d say it would have to be the day 11 disgusting. That toe was fun to plan out I put as many of the horrible toe inflicting problems I could think of short of stubbing it on it. I think the swelling would have left less room for detail as swelling naturally stretches the skin leaving less detail on it. Are you participating in Inktober? If so where can I see your art? Let me know in a comment below or a DM on Instagram. I’d love to see what your working on.

This weeks practice has us practicing multiple individual minuscules and of them probably my least favorite the letter c. I even wrote a post about me and little c not ever becoming friends. That still holds true. After examination of the completed practice page I can see that my r’s and s’s are just a bit on the wide or too slanted side. I’ll lean on the first as I believe the angle is correct. Again I always lighten the beating on myself a bit as it is handwriting and well its going to be imperfect.

I’ll spend some time this weekend finally putting some more paint to paper I have the next 5 of my watercolor flowers sketched up and ready for paint. I’m excited to see this project finding its creative energy and I’m totally vibing off of it.

Hope you are having a wonderful week, and that you continue to have a great weekend. Until next week, happy practicing!

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