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Oooooo…h aaaa…h

Week one down in this beautiful month of October three to go. It also marks the first week in the books for my new workshop, Inktober and one more week into practice book 3. Struggling a little too keep up with all of this plus the other adult obligations but I’m still excited and pumped to continue to learn and grow.

I’ve heard that you can’t truly multi-task as one or more of the things you are working on suffer. If you give one task your full attention you could get it done in less time and with a higher quality result. This month I say whoever said that originally must not have practiced walking and chewing gum as a kid (fun fact I still like to chew a stick of zebra stripe while I work at my desk). So continue to wish me luck in not losing more of my precious sanity while multi-tasking the heck out of the end of this year. Oh and in finding some more zebra stripe gum as my regular grocery stops have not had it in stock for a few weeks now…

It could just be the new refreshing albeit smoky slightly chilled morning air of fall, but I’m still feeling the energy of this seasons change. Has the beginning of the Fall season inspired you to pick up anything new? Or now that the Summer is over are you one who hate to see the Summer go?

For those of you who don’t check in daily on my Instagram (I can’t blame you I try to distance myself from social media too) here is the first week’s worth of Inktober illustrations. I am always amazed by how one word can mean so many different things to so many different people. If you aren’t participating, it’s never too late to start and if you think you have no creative skill now is the time to prove yourself wrong. Everyone can make art. Not all of it good at first, but you never know where it will take you and I hear it is great therapy. You can toss my stamp of approval on that statement nothing like a little artsy fun to keep your mind off of this crazy year.

This week’s practice was the minuscules o and a. Chaining the same letter together is quite the challenge especially trying to keep both sides of the o uniform and trying not to dip the connecting stroke too much or making it too straight. And for the life of me I don’t think I’ll ever successfully get my minuscule a’s to look like a teardrop. But overall I like the imperfections I’m not a robot and I still think my handwriting should look like handwriting. If not then I’d just type it out like I do theses posts. As always sending you positive vibes and until next week Happy Practicing!

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