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C is for the one after Christmas

‘Tis the season for family and friends. Togetherness is something that I cherish this time of year. I can recall a few years back not wanting to go anywhere, due to the fact that I worked too much and was away from home for more time than I was there. Now I want to spend more time with relatives and friends and it seems that it is harder to do than you’d think.

Everyone gets so caught up in their own lives, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with getting your R&R, spending time with the wife and tater tots, or building your hobby. Sometimes you just have to make time to see those you care about. I know that I didn’t do it enough but driving out grabbing some ice cream and randomly stopping by uninvited to your buddy’s or relatives house was the best thing that I did this year. It took less than a half hour (thank you for being so conveniently located Sonic) to grab the treats, get to the recipients house, barge in, say a quick how do you do, woof down the treats, give hugs and vanish into the night leaving them with smiles on their faces and unnecessary carbs in their bellies. 

All I’m trying to say is that you should definitely make more time to be with your friends and family. Conveniently the holiday season makes it easier for us, as we get together to eat and catch up. It also makes for a better choice of time than wasting it on another show to re-stream to death.

It’s probably because over the past few years I’ve lost a couple family members and now more than ever I’m realizing I missed out on more meaningful conversations, imparted wisdom, answers to questions and better relationships with those whom I’ll never get the chance to again. Don’t take your family and friends for granted and I hope that you used this convenient time of year to strengthen those bonds with them, even if only for the day. If nothing else be grateful for the time that you can or have shared with loved ones and I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season. But enough about the smooshy things let’s get to the writing!

c is for christmas in post

This week’s practice was the minuscule letter “c”. I will fight that it looks like a fancy “e” but who am I? Let me attempt to describe it’s execution; starting at the baseline with a right curve, much like last week’s minuscule letter “e” stopping about 2/3 the way up to the x-height instead dip downward with a left curve 1/3 space rounding back up into a right curve up to the x-height, then tight loop into a left curve just like the minuscule letter “e” back down to the baseline turning into a right curve back up to the x-height. Remember to count the principles as you write the letter, the count for “c” is 1,2,1,2,1. I hope that helps you to remember them as much as it does for me.

If you’ve any tips on how to simplify that please let me know, feel free to ask if you are confused I’ll do my best to better explain. I just got an idea, perhaps when I’m through with each minuscule’s practice I’ll go back and video them for ease of explanation! Until next week, happy practicing!

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