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Practicing with purpose

This week was very good, practice makes perfect you know. Making use of my good friend google I’ve found a plethora of calligraphy drills. Enough to give anyone something to do for many months to come. These coupled with the drills in the Spencerian Compendium thank you IAMPETH are more than enough to steady my hand from looking like I’ve just experienced sever trauma, to a bull rider getting ready to break a world record, ice in my veins, cool, smooth sturdy hand gliding over the page with laser precision. Yeah a bit exaggerative but they do definitely smooth out the shaky line-work. Wouldn’t you agree?

Practice with purpose inpost

It’s not a 100% improvement but the ones above the x are after doing a page of  drills and 9 lines total of the ni combo. Starting at the x and below is where I started practice the next day sans doing a page of drills to warm up my hand first.

I should probably spend more than five to ten minutes “warming up” but I feel if that’s all the time it takes for me to warm up during a run then, It’ll suffice for my calligraphy; and wouldn’t you know it, it would appear to be rather accurate. I can clearly see doing the drills before hitting my Spencerian practice (like practicing to practice) makes all the difference. If you happen to be learning calligraphy yourself I couldn’t encourage you more to pick up a pencil and whip out a page of drills before you do your writing. I’m sure you’ll thank yourself for taking the extra time to warm up.

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