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3 letter word…nun

Like “Can’t you see this woman is a nun”!? Tell me you’ve seen Nacho Libre, if not please go find a copy and watch it. You know you’re running low on things to watch.

& In case you are wondering…yes we do have a family of skeletons living at our kitchen table. Not pictured is their son Jojo.

I stumbled upon the last cup in my kitchen the other morning, the last disposable paper cup that is. It brought back a thought as fast as thoughts come to you, you know like instantly flooding in. I was making cocoa for my son every morning in February. I decided to write positive and encouraging messages on them. Because what pre-teen thinks that you care about them or that sometime the world is out to eat you.

I just so happen to think that in the still strange world we now live, this is what I made this cup for it is meant for times like these. When the future is not as clear as it was a little over a month ago. So I think tomorrow I will wake up and make that last cup of cocoa for him. Not like he needs encouragement, we just got news that distance learning will take a break next week for the regularly scheduled spring break. Onto this week’s practice.

Which just so happens to be the word nun. It’s a wonderful thing the minuscule letter “u” it is an ”n” upside down. I am digging the number practice off to the right of the page too. These little threes still appear to follow along the 52º main slant, I wish there were more of them to practice. Stroke count for nun is 3, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2. I’ve been warming up before practice with a loose and quick set of practice drills on procreate. It feels foreign and like I’m cheating on my traditional materials, but if it gets me to practice my drills more because of convenience then I’d say it is a win. Also the whole save a few extra sheets of paper thing doesn’t hurt either.

Until next week, stay safe, wash your hands, keep the 6’ distance, or avoid going out at all. Happy practicing

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