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It’s as if there always has to be something going viral nowadays, whether it be an actual virus or a random thing on the internet. This gets me thinking of how we could better use our time. I’m not trying to discredit any world situation going on, but too often people get stuck staring zombie-like at their device (hell even I’m guilty of it). The more we distance ourselves from each other it seems the worse off we become. Health concerns aside I can’t wait for things to return back to the way they were, if even that’s a possibility at this point. I wonder if the people who experienced the Spanish Flu thought the same thing minus the tech zombies.

Now that the random thoughts about the world are behind me I will jump into the practice this week.

The minuscule e.

If you analyze it carefully it is made of the second and third Spencerian principles the right and left curves. Starting at the baseline with the right curve, small loop to the left transitioning into the left curve back down to the baseline flowing smoothly and finishing with a right curve. I’ve made a recent revelation probably because I continue to use a straight nib holder instead of an oblique nib holder. If I angle the practice book 45 degrees to the left it makes it considerably easier for me to write, especially in a straight line. I’m not sure about you but writing on unlined paper can be a task to keep your lines of text straight. Give it a try and let me know if you prefer it or not.

I also found the minuscule e chain much easier to execute in comparison to the minuscule o chain. The only thing I seemed to struggle with here is the number zero. Which is oddly shaped like the minuscule o…coincidence perhaps?

Wishing you all the best and for you and yours to remain healthy and safe, until next week. Happy Practicing!

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