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However many there are of us on this planet, man, woman, or child we need to get used to treating everyone with the same respect we feel entitled too.

This week has me practicing the three little letters that make up the word men. Minuscules m, e and n. I find the fancy over under turns the most entertaining portion of this practice. Hands down has to be the most fun of the calligraphy drills that I enjoy. Once again this set of letters keeps me chugging along on practicing the first three of the Spencerian Principles. The main slant and the right and left curves.

I found myself struggling as per usual (I know you’d think I’d have this down by now) keeping the x height under the top guide line on the page. I’ve been considering making some main slant guides on the guide page to help me keep my 52 degree main slant angle more consistent.

Isn’t she a beaut.

I still find turning the worksheet to the left by 45 degrees or so helps me to keep the writing feeling more natural. I’m sure that by using an oblique pen you can keep the paper straight but I just like this straight holder. I’ve been practicing with it since 2015 and we’ve bonded I guess. If you’ve used a nice oblique holder after using a straight one for sometime would you say it is a game changer? I guess I’m too much a creature of habit to want to even attempt it.

Stay positive and healthy and sane, until next week. Happy Practicing!

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