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As the Christmas season rapidly approaches, we flock to the nearest retail outlets to gorge our carts full of miscellaneous items that will be returned or soon forgotten about. It is also the time of year where opportunities to contribute to your local communities are as plentiful as there are wrapping paper choices. I am grateful enough to have been able to participate for the fourth year in creating awareness (through my creative career) for some of those in our local Las Vegas community who are less fortunate or have had the unimaginable happen to them.

A local family owned and operated furniture store Walker Furniture and Mattress has been helping our local community for longer than I’ve lived in it. This December marks the 26th year they provide a full furnishing of the homes for those in need. Working at the local Garden Center we have partnered with Walker for the 5th year to provide a live Christmas tree with trimmings and a prepaid visa or check with some much needed funds that we fundraise for each of these families. It is always nice to see the local community come together to support each other.

This marks my second year of attending the Home for the Holidays luncheon, where our very own Mayor extends her gratitude for all of those who have helped make the event possible. I know it’s not directly for me but to be in the presence of the Mayor and have her thank us for all we’ve done and all we do each season seems pretty awesome.

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In attendance are the big wigs and employees from all of the community partners including: the local news and TV channels, police and fire departments, newspapers, community outreach and support non-profits and radio broadcasting groups even us as random as it would seem an independently owned Garden Center. I always leave inspired to be a better person. I am also curious of the cost of the luncheon itself and wonder why they don’t simply better utilize the money to go towards the program itself. I don’t need to be entertained and to be catered a meal when some of the people we aim to help don’t know where their next one will come from.

So this season where giving gifts is the norm, think about what you give and to who. There are people in your local community that need help more than your kid needs a new toy they’ll play with for a couple of weeks. Or something that your buddy will toss in the closet until they move or do spring cleaning. Give the gift of time or a couple of bucks to a local charity, it can make a difference in someones life. I can tell you it is rewarding to lend a helping hand to those in need and it might even make a difference in your own not so unfortunate life. If not at least once you see how low others are you’ll be more appreciative of what you have.


Speaking of the holidays and moving on to a more positive note, I’ve gotten through the addressing of holiday cards. There is something so satisfying about seeing your writing on a card. Or maybe it’s just me who knows. I need more guides in my life as my minuscules are quite inconsistent in size. Do you hand make your holiday cards or do you buy them or send e-cards?

Funny thing about this week’s practice, I could have sworn that it was aw, not au. I only realized it after reading the instructions for execution a second time. I was thrown by the excerpt Slant the oval same as Second Principle in w. However when I looked at the practice sheet there was no dot at the end of the “w” because it’s a “u”…To execute the au combo you’ll be using Principles #1, #2 & #3 much like most of the minuscules. Principle stroke count looks like so…3,2,1,2,1,2,1,2. I find it much easier to remember the # of each of the principles and count or say them as I execute each stroke. If you are following along try it out, it also helps to remember them as we progress.

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Are you following along or doing any writing of your own? Do you struggle with anything or do you have any questions? Leave me a comment, send me an email or shoot me a DM on Instagram. Until next week, do that hard thing you don’t want to do today and happy practicing.

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