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As I sit here and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful blue-green wall surrounding my desk I can’t help but think of how many people are stuck at home and aren’t considered essential. I can’t for the life of me think I am essential for any reason, however I am grateful that I am able to keep my employment and pay coming in. Especially when I know there are countless others in the world currently unable to support themselves right now. I feel for those affected by this pandemic but also envy them just a little bit. I would absolutely love to hole up at home and make art and spend extra time with my family. It would be sans pay so I can’t say it would be ideal though.

I also feel for those on the front lines of things, I am very grateful for them, worried but grateful. I can only imagine what they go through each day. The largest problem I face is whether or not to go to the grocery store as the delivery services keep backing up and making it not worth the hassle of the contactless delivery option. Oh and don’t get me started on the fact that limiting the number of customers in a grocery store at a time to keep up with social distancing protocol is any better than making us stand in line outside next to each other not respecting the aforementioned 6’…Or the people who don’t take this seriously and refuse to respect your 6’ bubble in the first place. Regardless, on to this week’s practice.

Which is the word “miu” reminds me of a cute cuddly kitten. “MIU” I recommend really observing your writing at this point if you are following along. The reason for it comes from the suggestion that even though you can do something well, if you truly want to separate yourself from the crowd you’ll need to get used to being your own worst critic. When others like what you make, but you don’t, then you know you can do better. I don’t seem to do this at all while I am writing but rather after the practice session is completed. I find the review process better if I sleep on it and go back to look at it.

If you are following along will you let me know if you like reading the stroke count or not I feel like the only person it helps is me. If you like it though I’ll continue to put it somewhere about here in future posts. Also thank you in advance for conversing.

Inconsistent curves and overextended or underextended letters exist in my practice but that is why we practice. Have you ever beaten yourself up for doing something incorrectly? Please don’t, it is human to error and if we were the robots we think will someday takeover our career then we wouldn’t care if it looked nice because we knew it was already perfect. I like handwriting because it is human, it is flawed and it is beautiful executed well. Just keep practicing and you’ll improve in whatever aspect of your life you so choose to dedicate the practice to. Stay healthy, positive and sane, until next week. Happy Practicing.

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