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I don’t know about you but google is a good friend of mine and probably my most visited webpage. So in doing what I do (a friend of mine once called me doogle, I like to research things) I had to google this weeks practice nxxv. Which lead me to this awesome and beautiful stained glass photography. And then of course to this page on an absolutely gorgeous cathedral in York in the UK where the aforementioned stained glass resides. You’re welcome.

Getting critical is the quickest way to see results. You can see in the photo of this weeks practice that the last line (which you should strive to make the best looking on the page) is a little sloppy and after I finished and went back and looked over my work. I wrote a few criticisms down so I better know what not to do in the future.

How many of the x’s did I forget to cross?

Nxxv the bounce is real on this set and I struggled with the spacing a bit, you can really see it on the v’s. This is great practice for overturns highly suggested letter combo. I need to look into doing some spacing practice to get more used to the proper letter spacing. Other than these few things I’m pretty happy with my weekly practice. Until next week, stay safe and be courteous. Happy practicing

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