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iiuw, like eeew right?

It has been a strange month, just at the beginning I remember the news stating that there were less than 500 confirmed cases of the now referred to as SARS-CoV-2 AKA COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Now nearing the end of the month and we are well on track to breaking 65,000 confirmed cases.

I guess it’s harder to avoid this pandemic than making sure your foot finds the only lego on the floor in the dark portal that is your kids room. To change the topic I’ll ask you a question.

What have you been doing if you are working from home or I am reluctant to say it, but if you’ve lost your job?

If you are struggling to find things, may I suggest that you download and start learning the basic principles of this fine Spencerian script. You can find them here in these linked articles. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

I’ll start working on a minuscule practice page next month. It will be another fun few week’s of projects to occupy my mind and to maybe help others to keep theirs busy.

This week’s practice really makes use of the first principle the 52º main slant. iiuw I’m going to say it like eew. I struggled a little bit with the w as the exemplar provided makes the w look like the minuscules u connected to a v and the first “u” part of the w is almost twice as wide as the “v” portion of the w. I felt it looked better if I made them more of an equal width. But was conflicted as I’m trying to stay consistent and historically accurate when it comes to the letters appearance.

I also am wondering your thoughts on something. If something is handmade or hand written do you expect it to be perfect? Or is it the more organic appearance of it that appeals to you?

Let me know in a comment below or drop me a message on Instagram. I hope that you and your friends and family are all in good spirit and health, until next week. -Happy Practicing

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