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If I had a nickel for every time I wrote ni

I can honestly say that I got another good amount of work done this week. I’ve been really cranking out the work on this so far top secret commission project and it is giving me great insight on how long it takes me to do this kind of work. A little longer than I imagined it would but reflecting on it has opened my eyes to how many of these projects I can take on at once.

I feel the best approach to something is facing it head on and with persistence. Just be mindful of the original terms of the project. Luckily my commissioner has a great deal of patience which I am grateful for. Just being clear with communication makes all the difference. Should you encounter anything along the way that is unforeseen or is just a mountain of work more than you thought it’d be make sure you are very clear with your client and only compromise on quality if there isn’t any other option.

Big leaps and bounds into the technological age, progress is to be had because I took the leap and invested in an iPad. I haven’t had a solid night of work with it and I still have much to tinker with but it will save me countless scratch pages when sketching and will serve its purpose very well, I can tell. Can’t wait to test out the various drawing apps either, I’ll be tinkering on the many Adobe drawing apps and of course the highly recommended Procreate. Have you used it? feel free to share any tips you may have. One of the most fun features I can see so far is the apple pencils pressure sensitivity, it is much like my beloved calligraphy dip pen in that respect, so it shouldn’t be had to grasp onto.

If I had a nickel for every time i wrote ni tonight I’d be a whole $9.35 richer. Among the usual scientific Ni for nickel ni is the name of a river or two, a Russian tank, a Chinese last name, and the abbreviation of natural intelligence which seems to be the counter part of AI artificial intelligence, used to define us nature made human brains rather than machine brains.

Let’s get to the meat of this post, the practice. Writing ni is instructed by keeping your attention focused on executing the strokes as well as you possibly can so when the page is turned over it nearly mirrors the ni. It was quite satisfying to view, please feel free to save the image and rotate it or your phone locking orientation. Just please do not attempt to flip your monitor on its head for the novelty effect of seeing the same thing you’re already looking at. Stroke count is 3,1,3,2,1,2, don’t forget to dot your i. I am rather overly amused by the fact it looks the same as it does when executed correctly and turned over. I challenge you to give it a whirl. Happy practicing.

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