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Dim your excitement please

One week down, the seventh run completed, still on track for three more weeks of greatness. At least this is how I feel now while I’m writing this. If you’ve been following along you know whats up. If not allow me to recap for you real quick, last week I made the decision to run. Daily. No less than one mile to keep me motivated and running. I was coming off of an 8 week 10k training plan and I nearly stopped running the next week as if I’d accomplished a goal and never wanted to see it again. However I find running to be a wonderful refresh for my mind and nothing seems to clear it out better than a few miles in the early morning. There is no better way to get over something or better at it at the very least than to do it on repeat.

I look forward to the upcoming weeks of pounding the pavement. Have you chosen to pursue anything for 30 days in a row? If not what do you think is holding you back?

You might not feel so excited to keep going after you start but if you don’t keep up momentum it is very easy to simply stop. Stop acting like a teenager on Monday morning, suck it up and get to it.

Reach out if you need an accountability partner and together we can get you doing that hard thing you don’t want to do today. Or at the very least a nudge in the right direction.

This week’s practice was the word dim like a candlelit room. The minuscule d is executed just like the minuscule a with an extended main slant of 52° swinging into the second principle the right curve into the minuscule I again hugging the 52° main slant down into my favorite over under rollercoaster leading you into the minuscule m, following up with a double overturn exiting with a right curve and viola (not the flower). Until next week set a goal, show up daily to do it and happy practicing.

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