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Spencerian principle #1

I’ve gone over the tools I use now to explain the seven simple strokes that make up the Spencerian alphabet A.K.A. the Spencerian Principles. Originally eight — the books I’ve read state formerly eight principles were used, but for securing greater simplicity the present arrangement has been adopted. The present arrangement being condensed by one to seven I guess.

Spencerian Principle 1 in post

I’ll start with #1 the easiest and most basic, the straight line. It helps to make some basic guides for yourself to practice I usually use a Rhodia dot pad as it provides a page full of little dots that you can, by the power of imagination turn into squares, I feel make a good x-height for me. I’ll chock it up to a personal preference and the spacing for now isn’t important since I’ll just be practicing drawing a straight line. I can go over that in the next few principles as it is more imperative. If you are just starting out or want to join me on my journey I’ve made this Spencerian Principle 1 Practice Sheet just print and trace with your favorite writing instrument. Alternatively you can grab a protractor and draw yourself a 52 degree straight line off to the right. Yes, it is that simple and to this day I’m still amazed at how something looking so lovely can be created by such simple lines, albeit difficult to keep straight — happy practicing.

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