Spencerian principle #6

This whole month has been a blast, although I’ve been unbelievably busy and I feel I’m starting to drag my face on the floor. I can’t seem to carve enough time out for consistent practice as of late and it is bugging me quite a bit. I know that there is another week before November starts but I’m so ready for the respite that it will bring. Little secret, I don’t care much for the winter holiday season, too many people worrying about the little things and what to get for who. I dislike very much how commercial and distant it can feel, as opposed to spending time with loved ones or doing something nice for your local community — but that is an entirely different topic, probably best kept to myself.

Spencerian Principle 6 in post

I am having a blast making and practicing the Spencerian principle worksheets each week. I feel that I’m going to miss making them, so I’m all ears for worksheet ideas. Not only does it allow me to utilize my day job skills but it doubles as practice for my handwriting hobby and hopefully it is helping you too, If you’ve decided to join me.

Spencerian Principle 2 inpost

Spencerian principle #6 the reversed oval. Height, 3 spaces; main width, one and one-half spaces; width on baseline, 1/3 space. The reversed oval is utilized to create the capital letters I, J, Q, U, V, W, X, Y & Z. You can see that with I and J there is a degree of alteration but for the most part they utilize the 6th Spencerian principle the reverse oval. To execute it — begin on the baseline, ascending with a full left curve on the main slant three spaces; make an oval turn to the right descending (with light shade I might add should you be utilizing a dip pen) into a full right curve returning to the baseline 1/3 space to the right of where you began. Again the instruction is a mouthful for such a graceful and simply executed line, so it is quite easier done than said. As per usual, here is the link to download this week’s practice sheet — happy practicing.

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