Funny how just typing and thinking about “the Big Apple” makes me think of how close I live to the Little Big Apple AKA the New York New York casino on “The Strip” in Vegas. I think it’s funny I’ve had buddies that have worked there and even a relative yet I have only been on the property twice in my 25 years in this crazy desert. Come to think of it I haven’t really been to the casinos on The Strip as often as the more chill locals casinos. Irrelevant to todays post just a random thought provoked by my drills this week.

I’ve also set out and accomplished the completion of my paintings for my alphabet of florals! I can’t quite share as I’ve still to post the last few. Maybe I’ll toss a gallery of the 26 flowers in next week’s post. I have learned in painting the 26 different florals I need to put down a few extra layers of paint or try a different method of digitizing them as scanning the lil’ beauties has been hit and miss depending on how transparent the paint is. Some of the subtle transparency you can achieve with watercolor gets lost in the bright light of the scanner. Luckily I’ve been able to digitally correct it, it is taking me longer to finalize some of my project due to the loss of detail in the scanned images.

Not at all a bad thing, It’s just more practice and one more thing I can add, or…adjust in the process as I continue to learn and grow. Nothing better than doing what you enjoy and learning a thing or two along the way. Grateful you could say I am, to have the opportunity to do both of those things and tis’ the month for being thankful so thank you life for letting me continue to love to learn.

Practice this week was just a touch confusing as there appears to be an error in my practice book…Oh well, I just adjusted to the incorrect mis-print and continued on. The more I review this the more I need to pay attention to the almond shape that makes up the bowl on the minuscules a and g. I just don’t seem to be getting the point nailed down they are all a little too round. Looks like I could also use a little tightening up on the curve back up to the exit stroke on all of the minuscule y, j and g’s.

I hope that you have/had a wonderful thanksgiving. It may be tough not to gather or ou may have taken an extra risk just for the people you love. Either way I truly hope that you are thankful for those loved ones that you have in your life. Speaking of which I’m going to give up a night of working to spend some quality time with my immediate family. Until next week — Happy Practicing!

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