Some words

Because sometimes a title for your post just doesn’t come to you and you don’t want to figure out what micro-algae has to do with nznzn.

I hope that you had a nice Turkey holiday. Mine was intimate and full of fun cooking with my love. Sharing a quiet Thanksgiving meal was different from the usual hustle and bustle of the holiday it was just my love and my boys. I can honestly say I’d be happy if the rest of my life was just spent with them. My heart goes out to the rest of my family I miss them dearly.

On a lighter mood I’ve completed my alphabet of florals, I’m so very proud of my accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without the drive of me taking my workshop (I probably could have but would have procrastinated them). I set out to have them finished by the summer when I started back in February. But then a handful of events that were unforeseen happened in succession. Regardless I didn’t let it stop me and I am now complete. You can check them out on my Instagram.

I’m excited to get this project wrapped up I am now working on making a “look book” (or if I could be any crazier) maybe two separate ones for different markets. I am ready to take the leap and try to pursue my career as an artist whether it be in the written, painted or a combination of both fields. I know the road won’t be easy, but I still go back to think about how most people forget how hard it was for them to learn something that they are exceptional at today. If there weren’t any struggles in life we wouldn’t have a good story to tell our grandkids or use as a relatable teaching aid for our own kids or someone asking advice of how we persisted and overcame our fears to find happiness and stay excited about learning and growing. I hope that your passion to hasn’t waned in what it is you set out to do. Never stop pursuing what makes you happy.

moving right into this weeks practice we have more jibberish…which is wonderful practice nevertheless. Keeping the top and bottom of the minuscule f the same is quite a challenge with it being such a long character. I also struggled with my spacing as I kept running out of room and making my letters a bit too wide. I am overall happy with this weeks practice sans the shakyness of my lack of warmup drills.

The more we pursue new things the less we find ourselves the allotment of time we used to spend on other things. By all means I love my handwriting and am not neglecting it (just the extra drills) so I signed up for the 12 days of love letters. Which if you can’t find a good way to donate your time or money this holiday season may I suggest that you sign up and choose to write some encouraging and loving words to a total stranger who could use a pick me up especially at this time of the year.

Until next week, happy practicing!

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