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Mice to see you

Happy first week of September to you. I am rounding up the 30 days of running self initiated challenge (only two days to go) and I am also two posts away from finishing up the first book of the Spencerian system of practical penmanship. Huzzah! Thank you dear reader for hanging in with me. If you ever want me to specify something or just want to say hi, start a conversation below in the comments, check out my instagram page and leave me a direct message or head on over to the contact page and send me an email.

I never imagined how committing to something such as practicing handwriting could change the way I think. But it does feel gratifying to have dedicated countless hours to something that brings me such meditative joy. As a wonderful bonus I feel it has led me down a few dead ends but overall helped me to not feel like one of the many mice racing through the maze we know as life looking for cheese.

Sorry to be short this week but sometimes you just can not for the life of yourself find anything relevant to write about. But instead of skipping I thought I would jot down a few lines to let you know about this week´s practice.

Which this week is…you already knew because of the image above but…mice! I followed last weeks advice about the true curves and my minuscule little letter m is looking very tidy and round like little rolling hills. I still can not wrap my head around the Spencerian letter c it is fun to execute but confusing to read almost looks like miee. Do not forget to dot your is and until next week (which I will probably have more to share especially on my completion of my 30 days of running challenge) Happy practicing.

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