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Spencerian principle #4

Do you ever think to yourself I’ll get to it tomorrow…then tomorrow comes and goes and before you know it a week goes by? Yeah that happens just like life and you know time stops for no one. So I’d like to say to you if this is happening, take a moment to collect your thoughts and set aside some time to play catch-up. I’ve been somewhat buried in work as our fall season kicks up in the nursery biz (plants not children). On top of all of the artsy things I’ve committed myself to this month, so I have put off the Jetpens challenge a week and I haven’t been writing my quotes lately, but I wont be discouraged. I’ve just got to keep at it and schedule some more time for my art!


“Do that hard thing you don’t want to do today” and “you’ll be surprised by how much you get done today” are my current mottoes. I’ve also managed to keep up with this blog and creating the practice sheets each week so I’m feeling rather accomplished lately.

Spencerian Principle 4 inpost

Spencerian principle #4 the extended loop. Begin on the baseline using principle #2 the right curve “extended” three spaces (this is in direct correlation of the guides that are usually laid out for practice if you use the sheet you’ll see what the spaces are, there are 5 of them #3 being the baseline and #4 being the x-height) make a small loop to the left, slight left curve downward two spaces where it will cross your first curve at the x-height ending with a straight line (principle #1) back to the baseline. I know it reads like foreign instructions to assemble a rocket ship but that means it is easier done than said for once.

Spencerian Principle 2 inpost

This extended loop makes up all four of the long letters: h, k, l & b, strangely enough the New Spencerian Compendium I love to use for reference and drills pictured above has the letter f as one of the long letters.


Now that I’ve gone over the first four principles you should know that those four are all you need to write the entire lowercase Spencerian alphabet. Woo! Here is the spencerian principle 4 practice sheet. Oh I feel I should say if you choose to use these sheets and have an Instagram account tag me in your practice or send me a DM so I can see your progress. Happy practicing.

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